It's over 50 percent monounsaturated fat, which makes avocado oil less prone to oxidation than polyunsaturated oils, but still liquid at room temperature (unlike saturated fats). it is a perfect choice for high temperature frying because it is heat stable and has high smoke point of about 500 F (270 C). First things first: Refined avocado oil comes bleached or deodorized, as it's a popular skincare ingredient. Deep frying involves cooking food by submerging it in hot oil.

The lovely flavor only adds to the meat’s appeal. The ideal temperature is around 350–375°F (176–190°C). Fatty Acid Composition (source: Nutrition Data) SFA: 14.2% Submerge a food in oil at … Compared to expeller-pressed avocado oil, cold-pressed avocado oil loses less of its flavor and nutritional benefits in the extraction process. Next, it comes down to expeller-pressed and cold-pressed. When grilling or pan-frying meat, avocado oil can be a great choice, thanks to its high smoking point. Grill. Pressed from fresh avocado pulp, which is up to 25 percent fat, avocado oil has the highest smoke point of all plant-based cooking oils (510 to 520°F). Substitute butter with avocado oil to bake healthier cakes and cookies.

Another simple option would be avocado oil. It is good for frying, sautéing, shallow fry, deep frying etc. Yes, avocado oil is suitable for frying foods. it is one of the healthiest oil for cooking.

Curries Stir Fry. This particular study used olive oil for deep frying over a continuous 24 hours – and tests showed only minor levels of oxidation . Sauté your greens in avocado oil along with garlic and other seasonings for a flavorful side. Go with unrefined avocado oil instead. Olive Oil Studies have shown that when olive oil is used to fry food, it does not affect the nutritional value as much as other oils do. While olive oil is not the best oil to fry with, it does a reasonable job and stands up to heat fairly well.

In addition, avocado oil has the highest smoke point of all plant-based cooking oils at 510 to 520 degrees Fahrenheit.

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