It is the better choice for stuffed cabbage since the leaves are more pliable and stand up to longer cooking times, but is also great raw in coleslaw.

Used in Salads extensively, Patta Gobhi is everyone’s favorite in the country! What is Cabbage? Twitter. The best varieties of cabbage color for the middle part of Russia. Facebook. Both red and green cabbage varieties form round, compact heads. Although the plant is a nonnative, it has been naturalized in India and cultivated extensively across the country. Here are some of the best Cabbage Varieties in India to grow!

The head is less compact, due to the wrinkled leaves, but looks similar to green cabbage. Google+.

All varieties of cabbage are members of the Brassica family and are considered to be low calorie foods that are rich in vitamin C. Different Kinds of Cabbage to Grow. Early cabbage varieties can mature in as little as 50 days while Brussels sprouts require 90-120 days to maturity. Savoy cabbage, originating in Italy, has deep green crinkly leaves and is considered the most tender and sweet. Cabbage is a leafy vegetable that comes in green, red, white, and purple colors. Today you can not imagine a householda vegetable garden of a Russian without the presence of even a few varieties of cauliflower.

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