SPWang: I just returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Instead, we go on pilgrimage in the spirit of Josue and of the Gospels -- to remember, and for the purposes of denying ourselves, taking up our crosses, and leaving behind our daily lives to follow Him: It is a journey with a deeper and more spiritual meaning. Pilgrimage. central to the Government of Australia, so may this Centre be a true meeting place. As part of our pilgrimage, we visited the Patriarchate and received our pilgrim shells from Archbishop Pizzaballa. My Pilgrimage to the Spirit. Call your Lieutenancy and tell them when you will be there. The Pilgrim Walk. The field encompassed by this four-volume reprint series “Religion, Pilgrimage, and Tourism” is a vast one. The Old Covenant is fulfilled, and we are not Muslims for whom pilgrimage (hajj) is considered a sacred duty. ... or could send it to rest while the spirit went on its pilgrimage unhindered, whither the voice within might call it. ... As Canberra is a meeting place. where all God's people may gather in a spirit of. Since the beginnings of human culture the spirit of place, what the Romans called the Numina, have been honored and personified in myth, pilgimage, and religious practice.

View in context. My Pilgrimage to the Spirit by Dr. Govindbhai Patel is the book of his experiences in sadhana in Sri Aurobindo Ashram as well as in his life outside, while following an ideal of Sri Aurobindo– “All life is Yoga.”The book therefore is significantly divided mainly in two parts. An overview of recent pilgrimage events and news from around the world USA, Our Lady of Good Help Europe, Beloved pilgrimage sites USA, Kenobi's film has working title Pilgrim Europe, New pilgrimage series of the BBC Europe, The spirit at Europe's pilgrimage sites Europe, Via … A journey to a sacred place or shrine. pilgrimage synonyms, pilgrimage pronunciation, pilgrimage translation, English dictionary definition of pilgrimage. [Show full abstract] place and travel, and religion.

n. 1. This article by artist Lauren Raine looks at why that understanding is still To us Catholics, a pilgrimage is more than just traveling to historic sites and viewing religious relics. A pilgrimage is a journey that pilgrims make to a place that is considered holy.

reconciliation, a spirit of dialogue, a spirit of prayer, a spirit of unity of minds and hearts; and. Your guide should be able to arrange a visit. Define pilgrimage.

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